1960s Universal Geneve Polerouter Electric ref.860100/01

Universal Geneve, creator of legendary watches during the 20th century which was distinguished by their elegance and their technicality. Among the flagship models such as Compax, Aero-Compax, Tri-Compax, stands the legendary Polerouter.

Created in 1954 by the already very promising Gérald Genta, when he was only 23 years old, and called “Polarouter”, to commemorate the polar flights of the Scandinavian Airlines, it was quickly renamed Polerouter.

A Universal Genève Polerouter is always an amazing choice. But do you know the electric version? This very rare Universal Geneve Polerouter Electric, Ref. 860100/01 was manufactured in very limited quantities. It’s precisely in 1963, that Universal Geneve presented the electric version of its eponymous watch. Its original brushed silver dial (divided into 4 sections with different brush patterns) is enhanced by the baton hands with lightning second hand and the unique silver ring.

Retaining the original spirit and design, the watch incorporates the 34mm UG 60 calibre (based on the LIP R148 reworked by UG), finely finished with 14 jewels and running on a 1.5 volt battery.

In excellent condition, the watch has all the appeal of a very rare and beautiful Polerouter.

BrandUniversal Geneve
ModelPolerouter electric
YearCirca 1965
Case materialStainless Steel
MovementElectric Cal.60

CaseUnpolished, light usage marks
HandsOriginal, nice condition
StrapLeather Strap by Atelier Romane


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