1974 Rolex Oyster Date Precision UAE ref. 6694 “Desert Eagle”

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Social networks do and undo trends and watches make no exception. And what social networks tell us about the latest Rolex trend ? Well that manually wound 34mm Rolex Precision are HOT.
But Sabiwatches is not only about trends, but also (and particularly) about watches with a little plus.
So here it is: this extremely rare Rolex Precision UAE ref. 6694 , manufactured in 1974, features a so-called he ‘Desert Eagle’ dial, exhibiting the United Arab Emirates coat of arms emblem in polychrome enamel, which prominently displays the “Quraysh Hawk”. Rarer than the UAE Army eagle, it was added to watches gifted to ministry and state officers. A rare find.


ModelOyster Date
Case materielStainless steel



The watch is overall in excellent condition. Its pristine dial, its hands, its case have all retained their beauty. It comes on a oyster bracelet with no stretch.